E-liquid is unable to be returned for any reason. Even though most of our products have tamper-evident caps, these caps are ubiquitous and in theory could be replaced by a customer. We do not mean to imply that we suspect any vaper of nefarious deeds, but rather to show all of our customers that we are dedicated to selling products that we know are direct from the production line, and can say with confidence that they were not tampered with.

If however, you feel as though your e-liquid is not made to the standards that it should be, please visit one of our retail locations and have a staff member try it out. If, in the very rare case, something is wrong with the liquid we will of course replace it. We cannot exchange liquid for another, and returns cannot be made for simply not enjoying a flavour that was found to be made correctly. 

Should you have an issue with a shipped e-liquid order and cannot visit one of our retail locations, you can contact us at vapeshop@vapemeet.ca to arrange a return shipment. The return shipment will be at your expense, but if the liquid is indeed incorrectly made, we will of course ship you a replacement bottle, free of charge.

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